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"Jennifer has treated me for a variety of issues including TMJ, sinusitis, back pain and emotional distress. Her approach is holistic, and I always feel balanced and relaxed after a treatment with her. Before I sought out treatment from Jennifer I had tried medication and other conventional treatments for my ailments but these solutions were only temporary. Once I began accupuncture treatments with Jennifer my symptoms began to subside and as I continued receiving treatments they became under control. I have immense gratitude for Jennifer and the work that she does.
-Silvie Cohen Cox


The birth of my first child was very difficult, long, and painful. When I was pregnant with my second child, Jennifer gave me a treatment on my due date since I had not gone into labor yet. The next day I went into labor. Jennifer's acupuncture treatment allowed me to give birth to my baby easily and without the use of drugs. I believe this facilitated an easier recovery process and a quicker bond with my baby. I would recommend this type of treatment to any woman who wants assistance in dealing with the experience of labor.

-Nicole Lange